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Welcome to Knockout Fitness Christchurch, where WE CREATE AWESOME. We offer a wide range of fantastic fitness and martial arts options, including Personal Training, Boxfit classes, Muay Thai Boxing and Self Defence seminars in our own sole use studios right here in Christchurch. Our products and services will get you fighting fit and in the best shape ever!

Personal Training

Personal Training

Are you looking to lose weight, get fitter or develop a healthier lifestyle with a little more guidance and motivation than you might have when doing it on your own? Then Knockout Personal Training is right for you.

Boxfit Classes

Boxfit Classes

Like to punch stuff and combine it with a few weights and cardio? We offer a range of AWESOME Boxing fitness classes Christchurch in a variety of formats using boxing techniques, bodyweight exercises, kettle bells, battle ropes plus a heap of other cool stuff.

Muay Thai Boxing

Muay Thai Boxing

Are you looking for an effective martial art that has a rep as being one of THE most effective forms of self defence and ring fighting? Known around the world as the science of eight limbs, Muay Thai training incorporates punches, elbows, knees, kicks and stand up grappling (clinch work).

Self Defence

Self Defence

Do you worry every time you come home to an empty house? Or do you have concerns for the safety of your workplace? Well don’t any longer! Knockout Self Defence can equip you with the skills to keep you and those around you safe.


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Thank you for visiting and taking the first steps towards achieving your health and fitness goals. Our core focus is on our most valuable asset, YOU, and we promise to deliver the very highest levels of personalized service tailored to meet your specific wants and needs. We will get you where you want to go faster! Whether your goals be weight loss, toning up, improving your health and general fitness, weight gain, Muay Thai Boxing or sports conditioning, we can make it happen. Through motivation, education, and accountability, we will help you create simple changes in your life that builds success and awesome results! Our philosophy is to make healthier, fitter people who enjoy a better quality of life through exercise and well-balanced nutritional practices.

All of your sessions with your personal trainer are by appointment only. Unlike a commercial gym where you can get lost in the crowd,  your sessions are conducted in privacy as none of the studios are available for the use of the general public. This means you get the highest possible level of service and the best quality workout, as all personal trainer sessions can be specifically tailored to meet your individual needs. Our exclusive personal training studios are located in Halswell (Knight Stream Park) and our brand new facility in Woolston. We also offer FREE nutritional seminars with a registered nutritionist and fitness testing modules throughout the year to make sure you are in the best shape possible. Check out head trainer Dougal McKenzie contributing to this short video on exercise myths and what your routine should look like.

So if you are looking for a Christchurch Personal Trainer and getting results faster, then contact us NOW on 0272410426 or info@kotraining.co.nz and come in for a no-obligation complimentary chat to find out how to get in shape, for the rest of your life! Here’s what some of our clients have to say.

“I came to Knockout with the intention of losing weight and feeling better. I’m now the lightest I have been in years and feel absolutely fantastic, and all without any funny diets or crazy exercise fads. Thanks guys!” Sandra, Christchurch


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Knockout Fitness specialises in Boxing fitness classes Christchurch, where you get to train like a champion in a safe, non-contact AND non-judgmental environment. All of our Boxfit instructors are highly trained and have extensive Muay Thai or amateur boxing experience so you can be assured you will learn genuine technique from people who know REALLY what they are doing. We have a variety of formats and classes so there is something to suit every fitness need. Modern science tells us that the best way to get fit and develop a lean and healthy body is a routine that has both cardio AND resistance training; which is why our Boxfit classes are perfect as they feature both! Sessions typically run for about 50 minutes and feature basic boxing combinations plus body weight exercises, kettlebells, battle ropes and other weapons of fitness destruction. We have four classes a week at our Woolston gym and two weekly classes at the Halswell Community Hub. Plus, we absolutely have the most AWESOME atmosphere in our classes helping you to “take the pain away”.  We also offer FREE nutritional seminars and fitness testing modules throughout the year to make sure you are in the best shape possible. Please note, our Boxfit classes Woolston are for ages 15 years and up and for Boxfit Halswell it’s ages 13 and up. If you want to book a FREE week’s trial then contact us NOW on 0272410426 or info@kotraining.co.nz.  Or, if you like, just SHOW Up to a class and get in to it! Here’s what some our members have to say.

“I just love the Boxfit, I feel like I get a complete whole body workout, every session is different and it’s a great bunch of people.” Michelle M, Christchurch    

“Awesome way to get / keep fit. Great classes, awesome group – loads of fun! Been going for years now – I find it much more fun than hitting the gym. Keep up the great work!” Gavin H, Christchurch


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If you have ever thought about taking up Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) or Kickboxing and are looking for the “real deal” then you have come to the right place. Knockout Fitness hosts MSA Sitnarong Muay Thai, a progressive club that still teaches authentic Muay Thai Boxing, right here in Christchurch. Classes are held at our Woolston gym and at the Halswell Community Hub and we offer a membership that allows you to train at both. It’s a great way to get in shape, learn valuable self defence skills and train with a great bunch of people who share common goals with you. You can click through to the full MSA Sitnarong site here  and read a few more details about the club and how things work. We also have promo video in which you can view a short snippet of what a night’s training might look like for you. Or you can book a FREE week NOW on info@kotraining.co.nz or text/call 027 2410426. We specialise in private lessons too so if you’re keen don’t be afraid to ask. By the way, MSA Sitnarong also has kids class for ages 5-12 years as we keep the “adults classes” for 15 years and up at Woolston and 13 years and up at Halswell. Please let us know if you have a youth who falls in to a gap somewhere and we shall what we can do. 

“Coming from overseas I have been to a few different gyms over the years and I have to say that Sitnarong is by far the best I have been to. Great coaching, great people and great facilities. Can’t recommend the place enough”.                 Terry T, Ireland


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Do you worry every time you come home to an empty house? Or do you have concerns about the safety of your workplace? Well, don’t any longer! Knockout Self Defence can equip you with the skills to keep you and those around you safe. Learn effective techniques and gain practical skills in a safe training environment from professionals with over 30 years of combined experience. We specialise in courses for workplaces and/or private training for the client wanting that extra special bit of attention or if you have a needs specific issue.

Many employers are in the position where their line of work means employees face a certain amount of risk in the workplace. Sometimes this can’t be helped. The good news is that you can make the workplace safer by putting the troops through one of our needs specific self-defense courses. We can tailor a course to suit your specific needs, ensuring you have the best possible practising standards for your staff getting to and from work and also being able to carry out their daily duties with precision and confidence. Over the years we have helped medical centers, shift workers, ambulance staff, special needs teachers and care givers to name but a few. Show you care by contacting us on info@kotraining.co.nz to discuss training options and organising a no obligation quote. Don’t forget, we have our own venues available but can come to you if that’s what is required.

I want to thank you so much for the session you did for us at CCT. I felt like we all learned so much and your teaching style was amazing- you were really clear in your instructions and made us all feel so comfortable and you’re so pragmatic about the kind of things that can happen. I can’t recommend this training highly enough” Claire, Christchurch





Full Timetable-all classes held at Woolston unless otherwise stated. Personal training is by appointment only (Woolston and Knights Stream park Halswell). Boxfit, Muay Thai and kids Kickboxing Halswell are run at the Halswell Community Hub. Adults Muay Thai at Woolston is 15, Kidadults kickboxing is ages 10-14, adults Muay Thai at Halswell is 13 and up, Kids Kick-boxing at both venues is ages 5-12 (yes, your child may potentially crossover from the kidults to the kid’s classes.) Please ask if you have a youth who falls into a gap somewhere. There are occasional Tuesdays when Muay Thai in Halswell will not be on, please make sure you ask.


11.30am-12.15pm Ladies Boxfit

4.15pm-5.00pm Kids Kickboxing

5.00pm-5.45pm Kidults Kickboxing (10-14yrs)

6.00pm-6.45pm Muay Thai (Basics)

6.45pm-7.30pm Fight training (all welcome)


4.00pm-4.45pm Kids Kickboxing Halswell (Community Hub)

6.00pm-6.50pm Boxfit

6.00pm-6.45pm Boxfit Halswell (Community Hub)

6.45pm-7.30pm Muay Thai (Basics) Halswell (Community Hub)- Please note there are some Tuesdays when Muay Thai will not be on, make sure you ask!


4.15pm-5.00pm Kids Kickboxing

6.00pm-6.45pm Muay Thai (Basics)

6.45pm-7.30pm Grading training


4.00pm-4.45pm Kids Kickboxing Halswell

6.00pm-6.50pm Boxfit

6.00pm-6.45pm Boxfit Halswell

6.45pm-7.30pm Muay Thai Basics Halswell


7.00am-8.00am Muay Thai General

6.00pm-6.50pm Boxfit


9.30am-10.30am Muay Thai General



We have a wide range of options including a fantastic package to combine Personal Training with Boxfit and Muay Thai Boxing (VIP package). Plus we offer a super duper special where you can get Boxfit classes for only $9.95 a week (conditions apply, see below). Boxfit is also included in ALL Muay Thai memberships. Please note, Boxfit is only offered as a “flexi” type membership and there are options for a sole Halswell membership or a combo for both gyms. Contracts are for one year and flexi memberships can essentially be stopped at any time.

Woolston fee schedule

Boxfit super special                                              $9.95 per week*

Boxfit flexi membership                                     $18.50 per week

Muay Thai flexi membership                             $30.00 per week 

Muay Thai 1 year contract                                   $25.00 per week

Muay Thai flexi membership                             $35.00 per week (Woolston and Halswell)

Casual to any class                                                $15.00 per class

Halswell Fee schedule

Boxfit super special                                              $9.95 per week*

Boxfit flexi membership                                     $17.50 per week

Muay Thai flexi membership                             $23.50 per week 

Muay Thai flexi membership                             $35.00 per week (Woolston and Halswell)

Casual to any class                                                $15.00 per class

Please note; MT memberships are only available as “flexi” for Halswell and also Hals/Wool combined

Personal Training 30 minutes                             1st weekly session $50.00, add $35.00 per session thereafter (Boxfit and Muay Thai included)

Personal Training 45 minutes                             1st weekly session $70.00, add $55.00 per session thereafter (Boxfit and Muay Thai included)

*$9.95 special is for 12 weeks via direct debit and automatically rolls over to a standard Boxfit flexi membership (Woolston or Halswell only), unless we hear from you ONE WEEK  before your special is due to expire. It is also a one time purchase and not valid for current members. All group fitness memberships are paid by direct debit so please bring your bank details when wanting to join. Many thanks and see you at training!

Our team



Founder and Director of Knockout Fitness, Dougal is one of the most experienced personal trainers in Christchurch with countless clients achieving over and above their expectations. He knows how to get the best from people and to maximise the use of what time is available. He makes sure all workouts are personalised to the wants and needs of the client and keeps them interesting and fun. To go with his 18 years personal training experience Dougal has over 25 years martial arts training and teaching and is the head instructor for MSA Sitnarong Muay, the Thai Boxing club hosted at Knockout Fitness Woolston and Knockout Fitness Halswell.

He has always lived an active lifestyle and loves all aspects of exercise, whether it be for sport, leisure, or recreation.

Dougal is committed to helping people from all walks of life towards achieving their goals; from the individual looking to improve their general health and fitness right through to the elite athlete.



He’s in the army, he’s fit, lean and he’s keen to pass on his knowledge! Bryce takes our Thursday night Boxfit circuit classes and loves passing on the considerable punching knowledge he has picked up in his two years of Muay Thai training. He’s also studying his degree in sports coaching and loves pushing you hard (but not too hard?) to get the max from your sessions. Bryce is now doing one on one sessions for Muay Thai, please enquire.


Every two months on a Saturday morning we run a COMPLIMENTARY fitness testing module at the gym so you can track your progress. Designed by leading personal trainer and head Christchurch Instructor Dougal McKenzie, this specialty test will help you track your fitness gains from attending the Muay Thai and Boxfit classes. It features a mix of cardio and strength/muscular endurance challenges which will test your limits and help you plot your progress. Whether you be a fighter or fitness weekend warrior, this testing is for you and is included in your fees so get among it. Next testing date coming soon. Please enquire if you’re interested in coming along or if you are a non member and wish to attend as a small surcharge applies.


Do you struggle with knowing what to eat, when to eat it and of course how much you should be eating? Well never fear, as the answer is right in front of you AND included in your fees! We have an in house registered nutritionist who runs thrice yearly one hour long COMPLIMENTARY nutritional seminars. Taken by registered nutritionist Bek Parry,  these seminars are aimed at helping you get the best from your weight management and sports performance nutrition. We run these sessions at the gym on a Monday night in early autumn, winter and late spring and remember, if you are a current member they are FREE and a small surcharge applies for non members/clients. Next seminar Monday 14th October!

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Texting or calling is always great and you can reach Dougal on 027 2410426 or fill out the form below for more information on Halswell and Woolston. Many thanks.

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