Self Defence Trainers

Dougal McKenzie

Founder and director of Knockout Training Systems, Dougal has an extensive background in martial arts spanning 25 years. He has trained in Karate, Eskrima Kali Arnis (a Philippine style of stick, knife & kickboxing), Submission Grappling and Military Self Defence. In addition to women’s self defence, Dougal’s passion is Thai Boxing. He is currently Head instructor at Sitnarong Thai Boxing Christchurch where he has been training and teaching for the last 16 years. All of Dougal’s customers benefit from his considerable knowledge of health and fitness and his ability to motivate them, with many clients achieving personal and physical goals far beyond their imagined limits

Grace Whitehouse

As a 2nd Dan Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do with 11 years experience, Grace was drawn to teaching women’s self defence when both a close family member and friend were attacked in the space of a year. She wants all women to realize how important it is to take the measures needed to raise their level of personal safety. From participating in the course, Grace knows how different competition sport fighting is compared to realistic Self Defence training and wants all women to benefit by sharing in the experience.