Personal Training Fees

At Knockout Personal Training, we offer a unique fee system which allows the client to maximise the use of the various products available while at the same time provide the committment needed to get the right results.

We offer a weekly “retainer” system where the client pays a small weekly fee which includes complimentary access to our group fitness classes (if going to the group fitness classes is not for you, that’s is quite OK but the retainer still applies.) This helps us get the right level of committment from the client and ensures they also get the best options for appointment times etc. From there, the client then pays for Personal Training on top of the retainer. This system is extremely popular and helps EVERYBODY involved get the best possible outcomes towards achieving their goals and is best suited for those wanting to ATTEND MULTIPLE SESSIONS A WEEK.

We also offer a “casual” system, which is essentially pay as you go for your Personal Training and does not include access to group fitness classes. This costs just a little more and might be better suited to the client who has to travel frequently for work or happens to be away on a regular basis.

“Retainer based” Personal Training (includes access to all group fitness classes)

Retainer                                                             $15.00 weekly by direct debit

30 minutes                                                        $35.00

45 minutes                                                        $55.00

For example Stacey likes the idea of going to Boxfit and doing two PT sessions for 30 minutes weekly. She pays $15.00 a week (via Ezi Debit) as her retainer and goes to three Boxfit classes. She then pays her trainer direct $70.00 for her personal training, a total of $85.00  a week

“Casual” Personal Training

30 minutes                                                        $45.00

45 minutes                                                        $65.00

Please note, as senior trainer, Dougal has a slightly higher base rate for personal training on the “casual” system. Please enquire for more details, or we can cover all this if you wish to make an appointment for a chat and find out how Knockout can help you!