Nutritional advice and seminars

Do you need a little help with what to eat, how much you should eat and when to eat it? And does it feel that is has now become somewhat of a complex science that changes every time you turn on your TV, or open a magazine, or even your phone! We utilise the services of registered Nutritionist Bek Parry of Bek Parry Nutrition to help us with getting your eating to the right level of balance for long (and short!) term success. Bek runs seminars at our Woolston gym designed to help you with weight management and/or loss, healthy eating for a better lifestyle, improved energy levels and how to help with getting the best from your exercise routine. Our next 60 minute seminar with Bek is on Monday October 8th from 7pm so make sure you join up  and take advantage of her wealth of knowledge and experience. Don’t forget, it’s FREE FOR CURRENT CLIENTS/MEMBERS, or $25.00 for non members so book NOW on or phone Dougal direct on 0272410426. hurry, spaces are strictly limited!