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All Muay Thai classes are held at Bamford Street and the Boxfit classes are included as part of your membership

Welcome to our awesome Muay Thai classes in Christchurch, where there are no contracts and your first week is FREE! Want to learn genuine, authentic Muay Thai boxing in Christchurch from Coaches trained directly by a Thai Grandmaster? Or perhaps you prefer the option of undertaking  private sessions/personal training to develop your Thai Boxing skills or enhance your fitness needs?

We offer you the chance to learn one of the most effective forms of self defence and fitness today in the form of Thai Boxing, the ancient martial art of Thailand. We host Sitnarong Thai Boxing Christchurch, a traditional yet progressive club with a proud record of training multiple National Champions but also helping many, many students and non-fighters achieve things far beyond their own expectations. Plus, for those of you wanting to sharpen your skills or increase your specific fitness needs in a more personal environment, Knockout Martial Arts can offer one on one Private training for either technical or fitness progression. Head Thai trainer for Sitnarong Thai Boxing Christchurch, Dougal McKenzie works full time as a personal trainer and his team can help you with sports specific fitness or weight loss orientated goals. We also offer a special price for personal training and membership packages. Book your FREE TRIAL WEEK of Muay Thai classes NOW on 0272410426 or Here’s what Terry T has to say about the Sitnarong Muay Thai classes at Knockout.

“Highly recommended. Not being from Christchurch and Having tried a couple of Muay Thai gyms around Christchurch Sitnarong is by far the best. Not only are the facilities and equipment top notch compared to other gyms but the trainers and people who train there are so welcoming and very friendly.
The same amount of time is given to the more advanced and beginners like myself during the sessions.With either Muay Thai or boxfit there is something on every evening and Saturdays to cater for people with busy work schedules. I’m the fittest I’ve ever been in such a short space of time. So if your looking to get fit at your own pace in a friendly non intimidating environment then Sitnarong is the place for you.”

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